LiveBaster - self-sufficient Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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The module is purchased at current market prices, as updates are released, those can be installed free of charge as long as only the release number is changed without changing the version number (the first digit). If there is desire to purchase a BC with a new version number, provided that the previous version has already been purchased, its owner is entitled to a 50% discount. The module is purchased only for personal use, when selling products that are bundled with samples of the SAI, the buyer pays royalties in the amount of 5% of the price of the implemented version of the SAI, but this estimated price can not be lower than the price of the BC on the day of sale. If several samples of the SAI are used in the sale of the item, the royalties are paid only for one sample of the module. The sale contract of the product must stipulate that when using the SAI for commercial purposes (except for joint use with the purchased robot), the buyer is also obliged to pay royalties on the same terms. If such conditions have not been specified during the sale of the robot, the royalty is paid by the first buyer.
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